A bias against immigrants makes immigration policies unfair in the United States.
There are hardworking people who want to come to America for an opportunity. We often times pride ourselves on being the land of opportunity, but how can that be so when we block so many innocent people from the United States.
The presence of immigrants in our country is debatable. Many might say that immigrants are a useful tool in bettering our economy while others may say immigrants are a burden, even a danger to our society. I want to research and collaborate to find data that fights against the unfair bias and disprove people who have such a hateful attitude towards immigrants.

How are immigration policies biased in the United States? (Tag: immigration)

Children Ripped Away From Their Families

Discouraging Migrants  Children in the Mcallen,Texas border were found in a freezing cold environment, prevented from sleeping and bathing, and were starved.  Although they were constantly being tortured, this was their normal. Some have been there for over a year because of legal issues and being separated from their families after attempting to cross the border illegally.  Trump felt it […]

Healthcare for Immigrants

Dear Gavin Newsom:  Did you know 1 in 4 immigrants live in California (XAVIER BECERRA Attorney General). Meaning that California holds the most immigrants than any other state. And from what my team and I learned, you have helped these immigrants with their health by giving them options and even encouraging Calforinians to volunteer in food banks. But my team […]

Abolish immigration detention centers

One of so many reasons to abolish immigration detention centers is because the people that are held don’t get medical care. Some of these people need medication that has been prescribed to them to keep them from getting ill or worse death. They say the people who work at the detention centers care about their health but when you read […]

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