Veganism has become an increasingly popular diet with some people claiming it is the healthiest way to live. I believe that it is overrated and not necessarily a healthy choice for all individuals. Through my research, I hope to find out what veganism really does to a person’s body. Through this, I will be able to conclude whether or not veganism is a healthy choice for all or just a certain group.

Does being vegan actually improve health? (Tag: vegan)

Growing Meat Consumption and its Effects on the Environment.

Following my last post on veganism, I wanted to extend further research on the effects meat consumption has on the environment and how a person who follows a vegan diet can reduce these problems. Last year, meat consumption was higher than any other year over the past four decades. Rabobank, a research firm specializing in food and agriculture, calculated per-capita […]

Against Veganism

  This research aimed to examine both the benefits and the drawbacks of following a vegan diet. More specifically, however, its purpose was to point out the biggest flaws in the new trend. It dispelled the popular myth of rapid weight loss through a study comparing weight loss on different diets. Additionally, I examined the deficiencies most commonly found in […]

More Findings on Veganism

Upon continuing my research, I have found there seems to be more information in support of veganism rather than against it. Several articles, I have read claim avoiding animal products not only helps your body physically, but also mentally. According to the Department of Nutrition, Benedictine University, decreasing consumption of animal products has been “associated with improved mood.” More specifically, […]

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