We send those who have committed a crime to prison, in order to be rehabilitated but instead they are traumatized. In prison the harsh living environment, and structure is causing many psychological issues in those who have been in the prison system. With research, I hope to shed little on the issues that surround the broken prison system and its effects on inmates. For instance I will showcase the overcrowding, violence, and lack of privacy that cause negative habits and psychological issues to arise in inmates. In the hopes that this information will help others understand the proposals of prison reform and understand those who have been in the prison system.

What are the effects of incarceration on inmates? (Tag: prison)

Involuntary Servitude in United States Prisons

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, about 0.7% of the United States was incarcerated in 2016, this is approximately 2,261,700 people. These populations are put into the control of the prison system and are many times subject to prison labor. This means prisoners are put to work in mostly manual labor within the prison as well as in companies outside. […]

Slavery Still Exists

Does slavery still exists? Why? How is it still in society today? Where is it happening? And why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? Why aren’t people informed? Are people ignoring the matter..? Equality, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. These terms matter to me, but so does the US? Perhaps a perfect world is not possible yet we can try […]

The Effects of Prison on Mental Health

In attempt to understand the effects of prison on mental health I have found interesting information about inmates organized into female and male. As apparent through the data found in the Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing the effects vary between men and women, but the mental health of both is negatively affected. For instance the isolation and lack […]

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