The research paper was a great learning experience as a whole. Working on a piece at college level writing helps with the perspective of a high school student and what writing will be like in the future.

The research part of the essay was more difficult than I expected. I would have improved the way I found information if I would have created my outline before I started looking at sources. When I started looking at sources I was not sure how I was going to write my paper in general. When it came to write the paper I had to write and research at the same time. The only issue with this was just the time consuming process. Otherwise, the beginning process of research was not a problem and helped a lot with the writing of the paper.

I began writing the paper with an outline, this helped organize my ideas into what would soon be a full fledged paper. Little by little, I added paragraphs and ideas into the paper like flesh on a skeleton. Eventually the paper turned into what I wanted, however it came with a difficult lesson. I had the misconception I could estimate how long it takes to finish something, when realistically it takes twice as long to finish whatever you’re thinking of.

The revising process is always a great way to show off your writing skills to your peers and improve off of their different perspectives. Sometimes there is a lack of trust between writing partners so the revising doesn’t work as well. However, when our group went to work at reviewing each other’s papers it helped substantially. Next time, I would hope to expect a bit more coming from my peers because when one person takes away from the group it hurts the entire process. As a recipient of feedback I was underwhelmed at the comments from peers because of the amount I gave. Everyone peer reviews differently, but maybe it would be easier if there was more peer reviewing in class? That way it’s face to face rather than letters on a screen.

The idea of an eight page research essay seemed intimidating, but getting engulfed into the paper made it easier to write. I enjoyed the beginning of the essay because of how independent it was, but once it started to get hard and into the grind it was less enjoyable. There will be more research essays to come in college years, therefore this essay was a great learning experience to have!

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