I conducted an anonymous research study about the marijuana research I have been doing. 115 people took it, the majority being ages 17 to 20. 81.7% of people have used marijuana before and 60% have used marijuana more than ten times.

One of the questions asked on the survey was if people thought marijuana affected their brain. The majority of people thought that if your brain was still under developed it was very possible to affect it and that it altered your thinking. Other responses consisted of “It does affect while intoxicated, but not after” or “I have smoked over 100 times and I have a 4.0 gpa”. Seeing responses like these are what worry society. When asked why people used it the responses were typically for fun, to reduce stress, social reasons, and because it relaxed them. These are very common answers to questions about marijuana. I was surprised to find that many were educated on the effects marijuana has, but a good amount of people needed to do some research. Although the majority did say they had used this drug, 87.9% thought there should be an age restriction on when you can use it.

The last two questions I asked related to the difference between marijuana and alcohol. 92.2% said alcohol was worse for you. Some of the reasons stated were “Alcohol can make you a danger to others and is scientifically speaking, much more destructive for your body than marijuana” and “Alcohol has many more health effects and it is much easier to die from too much alcohol than from too much THC.” The people responding to these questions were not too far off, however there was some confusion.

If we want to live in a world where marijuana can be used recreationally, we need to know what it can do to our bodies and our mind. Legalizing marijuana would be a big step in our country, but I think the only appropriate way to go about it is by educating people. Many times people you talk to could be giving you false information, so we need experts to look further into the situation and give us details. What makes marijuana research hard is that there aren’t a ton of studies that have been done on it. If we conducted a few more studies to see how badly it truly affects us, we could know whether or not legalizing it is a good idea. Instead of pushing for legalizing marijuana, right now we should be pushing for extra research to be done on marijuana.

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March 7, 2018 4:35 pm

I really liked your article because you are informing many people about the marijuana. I loved it I read it and now it is something new I learned about marijuana.

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