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“Fish Glow Green After Genetic Engineering”

Glow in the dark fish has been beneficial in the world of science. One of the things they have been used for is to track down what parts of your body get affected by pollutants. Pollutants come from many chemicals in things like plastic which can cause illnesses in humans and also animals. Scientist have always known that these pollutants harmed us but never knew exactly where it damaged us. What a group of scientist did was they used a genetic engineered fishes to track down the endocrine – disrupting chemical and where they in our body they affected us. How this process worked was, the fish got exposed to these chemicals, once inside the body of the fish, that specific part of the body that got affected by the disrupting chemicals it would glow up. Once the fish was glowing they were able to identify where these pollutants were harming the fish.

Handwerk, Brian. “Fish Glow Green After Genetic Engineering.” National Geographic. National Geographic Society, 16 May 2017. Web. 25 May 2017.


“Some worry GloFish not such a bright idea”

Once owners of GloFish don’t want to take care of them or don’t want these pets anymore they flush them down the drain and make their way into the ocean. According to this article this can be bad for them because once they are in the ocean they are surrounded by many predictors, there fluorescent colors make it hard for them to survive. It will be hard for them to hide from predators or even look for food. The Zebrafish, which is one of the genetic engineered fish, comes from Asia where the waters are warm but then are taken to the US where the waters are cold and these fish cannot survive in these conditions. Not also does this affect them themselves but it can also affect their descendants coming after them. During offspring, GloFish, get together with a fish native from that place, this can affect their babies genes.  The genes of the GloFish can take many generations to finally leave their bodies.

Appel, Adrianne. “Some Worry GloFish Not Such a Bright Idea.” The Seattle Times. The Seattle Times Company, 08 Sept. 2012. Web. 25 May 2017.


“What are GloFish?”

When GloFish were first being made they were going to be used to help identify where the polluted areas where in the ocean. They were later started to be made for the decoration for people. When it first launched in 2003, they were a big hit, and people would start to buy them for the entertainment of their eyes. California, though, was the only state that had banned it because of the negative reports it had. One of the reports was that the fish could affect the waters and the animals when the owners release the fish into the sea. All of the negative reports though have been proven wrong because GloFish do not survive long in the ocean full of predators. In 2015 California removed the policy of banning these fiches, and residents in CA were able to buy and keep them.  One aquarium owner says that keeping these fishes isn’t just decoration, that it’s important to know the history and know about these fishes. Also, the care of these fish is also the same as a normal fish. Having genetically modified fish does not mean not having to take care of them, they should be taken care of just like any other animal.

McCarthy, Carol. “What Are GloFish?” PetMD. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2017.


“Ethics of GloFish, Genetically Modified Neon Fish”

MAny people love Genetically modified fish are or like some might call it “design fish.” These fish are specifically designed to carry the trait that makes them glow. The way this works is, when a fish is still in its embryo scientist inject them with the fluorescent trait. Once this trait in the egg it’s mixes with the DNA with the fish and it becomes part of the fish just like any other trait. Making the fluorescent fish glow.

Michel, Eric. “Ethics of GloFish, Genetically Modified Neon Fish.” Reef Blog. N.p., 08 Dec. 2010. Web. 29 May 2017.

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