Relax Take it Easy by Luca

March 14, 2017


Relax Take it Easy

I truly believe that sometimes laziness has it’s benefits and drawbacks. I have no scientific backing for any of this but it’s just from personal experience.

First I want to explain my personal experience with pushing back work that has to be done. Today (March 14) I’m supposed to have this post written and done. It was assigned to me last Thursday or Friday. I honestly can’t recall. However I decided to do it today while in Grammar first hour because I have a sub. Why didn’t I do it earlier? Well the answer is very easy. I’m lazy. Instead of doing well ahead. I thought it would be better to do something else. So instead I did everything that I wanted to do that was not my work. On Thursday afternoon after coming home from school I decided to take a nap for 2 hours. After that I played a game called “The Legend of Zelda” on my Nintendo switch. I played it for the rest of the evening till 8PM. Then I did my Precalc homework. I however forgot to do My I.S.O. which was due on Friday (oops). I then watched a few videos on youtube before going to bed.


I believe that this formula has it’s benefits and its negatives it some ways. One benefit is that when I come home I relieve the stress of school by not focussing on it. Some would say that dealing with it right away is better so that after you’re done you can sit and relax. However that has never worked for me. I feel less motivated to do my work back to back. I feel more stress than I would. One negative is that i forget things. I forget homework or certain rules depending on the work. Like i said befor I forgot about my I.S.O. that was due on friday. I also promised my teacher I would have it done by friday night but I forgot then as well but then I had a good reason for forgetting it because i was helping the theater crew with the spaghetti diner. So i guess it all really depends on the person


Some people have their own system of taking care of their work mine isnt perfect but i like it better. It works for what I want. I like how I take a break for my brain to relax and think of other things. Sometimes being distracted helps me feel better. I’m not focused on something that needs a lot of brainpower makes me feel good. I feel like all of the pain from thinking all day just drains out of my head. It also allows me to change my train of thought.


During school I’m constantly stressing about what is next. What has to be done? When does it have to be turned in? How am I supposed to do the work? Is it right? Did I use the right format? Is this really how I want it to be? What did we do today in PreCalc? And on and on… It is like a never ending storm of stress and thinking that makes me want to go into the corner of a room and curl into a ball. I hate the stress imposed by school and all the baggage that goes with it. At some point it just becomes unbearable. It feels like a rock is about to fall onto me and crush me to death.


In the end I really believe that people have to pick their own way of separating work from life and that the way in which people will differ on how they take care of their own mental health. I believe that it’s important that people’s life not be all about their work. We need to take time and do something else.


Have a great day!