Over the past couple of weeks, I have been researching about the topic of self-driving cars and their potential impacts on our society. In order to write a very persuasive and informative essay about this topic, my first task was to look up valuable information from different databases that will help me convince my audience about what I’m trying to convey. I first started my journey by using the google search engine to find articles discussing the positive impacts of autonomous cars. For each of the articles that I found interesting, I summarized them in a document by listing the main idea, the main argument, the author’s feelings, the overall tone, and how the author used persuasion and evidence to support his or her main idea. These various articles help expand my thinking by providing a lot of solid pieces of logical thinking and evidence. For example, in the article “How Safe Are Self-Driving Cars?” by Jeruld Weiland and Allison Crow, the authors discuss the great safety benefits of autonomous cars and how they are at least 10 times safer than “human-driver cars.” In other to back up their claim, Weiland and Crow provide eye-opening statistics, charts, and graphs to truly exert their main point. These key pieces of evidence help build upon my understanding of autonomous cars as well as prepare me for other articles discussing similar topics. When reading other articles with similar scopes, my mind will be able to link and compare different articles, and as a result, my overall thinking of the topic will evolve as I absorb the different perspectives. In addition, with multiple sources, my essay will become stronger and more reliable, with more readers trusting my knowledge on the subject. However, in order to fully gain trust from the reader, I had to find sources that were optimum for my type of research, meaning that articles from blogs and other unreliable websites are not credible for the type of writing I’m doing. My last step was to research some negative aspects of autonomous cars and apply them to other articles with similar beliefs and opposing beliefs. Reading through articles that were against autonomous cars helped me prepare for counter arguments and possible criticism of my essay. Additionally, I was able to once again expand my knowledge from the perspective of different authors. For example, in the article “Self driving cars are cool, but they’re not for everyone, the author, J.D. Tuccille, argues that autonomous cars are not made specifically for people who live in rural areas due to a lack of paint on the road and weak gps signals. This argument was something I have never thought of, and it made me think about possible solutions to this problem, which is something I could elaborate on in my essay. Researching and absorbing knowledge to help prepare for a big research project is a very delicate procedure, and if done efficiently and intelligently, the result will be very rewarding for the writer and the reader.


Image from: http://www.zipcar.com/ziptopia/future-city/self-driving-cars-are-really-happening


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December 18, 2017 3:19 am

Hello Eric, I was reading your topic and I found it pretty interesting. I always wondered whether self driving cars are reliable or not? I mean, when has anything a human has made ever been perfect? Never. The idea of having cars that can take you anywhere without a driver is pretty cool, but I personally don’t think it’s a great idea. Cars are pretty expensive nowadays, and having a car that is controlled by technology is a step up, does that mean car prices will go up or down? I found this article fascinating, http://www.businessinsider.com/why-driverless-cars-will-be-safer-than-human-drivers-2016-11, but I’m assuming it’s nothing you don’t already know. I read from the article that self driving cars are mimicking the way humans use their senses to move around, and is pretty cool. But as humans, our senses fail us sometimes, and so will the car if it’s built with senses like a person. I’m really curious to see where you go with this. Hope to hear more about your research!

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