Below this is the log of how I meditated when I was stressed after those situations happened. I do have to say that it helped me. I felt more at peace and less stress on myself it I let the meditation lead me back to rationality. And in reality I enjoyed it. Meditation was something I thought was lame, nothing but a waste of time, yet it was soothing and more so as I got the hang of it. The challenging part was at the beginning all that being because I was profoundly stressed out. I guess that day was a not so fun moment especially in the case of graduating.

For anyone who is stressed, I recommend that you meditate. It gives you a time to just have peace, to sit still and hear your breaths. I almost fell asleep with how relaxing it felt and that being that I was sitting up. I feel like now I could possibly take step by step to accomplish the big things. I wish I knew about meditating earlier.



Stress Management Plan Log

Date of Activity Time of Activity Location Notes: In this box, write out notes about your activity. How did you feel before you did the activity? After? What emotions were you having? How were you feeling physically? Any other comments? Include heart rate before AND after you practice.
1 5/1/2017 7:00 pm Home Counselor called me into her office saying I needed to do independent studies for english class in order to graduate. The due date being May 12 (only a couple of days later).  I was going crazy thinking how can I do it when I had a paper to do. Meditation helped me calm myself somewhat, but still had a lot to think about.

Initial BPM: _____95_____      Post BPM: ____84____

2 5/2/2017 7:00 am Home It was early in the morning, I was feeling stressed about not having completed my work the other night. I was trying to figure out how was I going to get it done. After I was done, I felt more relaxed, less tension in muscles.Initial BPM: _____94_____  Post BPM: _____85_____
3 5/3/17 5:00 home I go to a program after school and was really stressed to find that there was something to turn in for that day. What was stressing me was that since it was group work and she was busy I didn’t see a time for it to be done. Meditating showed me that sometimes things can’t be done. We were pretty far ahead in the assignment and could do some during class.Initial BPM: _____103____    Post BPM:_____83____
4 5/6/17 6:00 pm Home I was stressed from work, I didn’t bring my badge to log in and felt like I wasn’t doing everything I needed for work. In the end I was tired and felt like mediating would sooth the troubles of the day. After it was easier to sleep at night.Initial BPM: _____90______        Post BPM: ____81___
5 5/8/17 12:51 Friend’s House. My sister found out my bad grades that I had and I got really stressed out. I hadn’t told her because I didn’t want to get her mad. Well I’m not sure how that will turn out but after meditating and taking my time to breath I realized that I could get the work done.

Initial BPM: _____104______           Post BPM: _____87_____

Adapted from original work by Catherine Kuhn

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