Hi, my name is Rachel. From the span of February to my group and I had to find a topic to advocate for our digital activism project. We choose to advocate for affordable insulin as our topic for the digital activism project. Our goal of spreading awareness about the rising insulin prices and the effects it has on diabetic patients. I hoped to get more supporters for this cause because it is unfair that diabetic patients have to suffer because of unaffordable insulin prices. I feel like my group and I were somewhat successful in fulfilling our goals. We were successful in some aspects of the project but my group and I could have made improvements.  

In my opinion, my group and I were somewhat successful in fulfilling our goals and spreading awareness about the rising insulin prices. For example my group and I made a petition advocating to make insulin prices more affordable. We made this petition in February and we have over 900 supporters, which is pretty impressive. We also received over 30 comments on our petition.   I feel like we fulfilled our goal of gathering more supporters for our cause through making this petition. Another example is our instagram account, “insulin4all”. Throughout these months we got 223 followers. My group and I posted our thoughts about insulin and the effects unaffordable insulin has on diabetic patients and their loved ones. We hope through our posts that more people became aware about the injustices diabetic patients have to go through.

Although my group and I excelled in gaining for supporters for our petition and spreading awareness about the unaffordable prices of insulin through our instagram account, my group and I could have improved in our viewership of our blog. My group and I created a wordpress account with the hopes of spreading our views on insulin prices to a larger audience (https://insulinforall.wordpress.com/). However, we were pretty unsuccessful. From February to May, we only had a total of 28 views on all our blogs combined. In addition, we didn’t gain any followers since February when we made the account. My group and I each made our own multimedia presentation. My topic was the dangers of unaffordable insulin and I made an animated powerpoint (https://youtu.be/JKuBQ4fbKnI). I feel like this video didn’t really reach a big audience since I only recienced 29 views. This shows that I wasn’t really successful in spreading awareness through wordpress and my multimedia presentation.

Overall, my group and I were pretty successful in completing all our objectives of our project but we could have made improvements that would further better the outcome of this project. We were able to spread awareness to a large audience through our instagram account and gather supporters through our petition. However, we weren’t able to gain a large audience or supporter through our blog. In order to gain a larger audience on our blog and my our multimedia presentations, my group and I could have promoted it more on social media where we had a bigger following. By doing this we could have gained way much more of a following, fulfilling our goals. If you are interested in this topic or want to show support, follow our blog https://insulinforall.wordpress.com/!

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