To begin we were giving a project in humanities class about an issue in our community and the one I choose was Child Obesity. The things we did for our topic was make sure we inform people about the issue so one of the first thing was write an email to our principal if we could put flyers in school for student, teachers and family members so they were able to see them. The second thing was for them to follow us in our instagram account @obesity.child so we could shared informations the fact that more people are more in social media. From their one of my teammate was in charge of making a survey so people could do it, we decided to posted in our instagram and 14 people took some time and actually answer it. From there we were able to get data from our presentation and we seen the amount of people that don’t eat healthy and could be a risk of them getting sick when the are older.

 What does it mean to be an upstander now? It will be to speak up for and issue/ problem in our society and making a change. Like informing your community your own self about it. To try to bring people in and standing up together to try ro make a difference.

What did I learn about myself and as a student by doing this project will be that if you actually want to make a difference in our community to help out with things like issues that people don’t see them as a big problem. But could have consequences to everyone  in the future or including right now but people are scared to speak up and make a different.

Something that I learn as an upstander will be doing actions to make a change in our community and too stand up for others or yourself.  A next step I will like to take will be helping the community and helping people out on planning your lifestyle for yourself and family. Making meeting for parents to help their child’s on their eating habit so they won’t have consequences when the are older.

A advance I will give someone will be although you think the issue is little and is not important for you or others it will be really important to inform people that don’t know. And will probably be beneficial about others to make a difference for them.

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