Angel Rodriguez

Last Revised: 2/6/18

English 3rd Period



My name is Angel Alexander Rodriguez Zavala and I have a very strong positive connection to my name. I have this strong positive connection because it was given to me by the two most important persons in my life my mom and my dad. I wouldn’t change anything from my name i like it the way it is.

My parents choose to call me Angel because they thought I was going to act like a little angel since I was a really small innocent baby. Once my grandparents found out what my name was they started calling me ¨angelito¨ until I got to the age of 2. My grandparents would tell my mom this kid is not an angel he is a little devil they would laugh at the fact that they thought I was going to always be that small innocent baby and choose to re-nickname me ¨diablito¨ since then. My mom calls me “chocolate” from now and then because i look like and act exactly like one of my uncles that passed away, she tells me stories of how he was and how he acted he was a happy person. I like my name bause for every nickname i have been given there has been a story or a few stories of why they choose to put me that nickname.

Once again I just like my name the way it is and I want it to stay like that.


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March 1, 2018 10:25 pm

Dear Angel,
I liked that you told how you got your name. Something that stood out to me was “Once again I just like my name the way it is and I want it to stay like that.” that stood out to me because I can tell that your happy with your name and also proud of it.

February 21, 2018 7:26 pm

Dear, Angel
My name is Melody I am a freshman at life academy. I read your memoir and I wanna say that I can relate to your story about nicknames because in my family we are really big on nicknames mostly everyone in my family has a nickname and I know how special that can be. I really enjoyed reading your name memoir because it was interesting on the other hand I have a question for you what nickname do u get called the most if you had to choose between the ones u are called? And i’m sorry about your loss I know how hard it is to go through that especially if you were close with the person. I myself have lost someone not that long ago and I know that people saying that they are reminded of the person because of you is something to feel special about especially if it brings them joy. I hope to hear back from you keep up the good work.

February 13, 2018 6:35 pm

I liked that you told the stories with your nicknames. I though diablito was funny because I think I called you that at some point. My relationship to my name is very similar to yours because we both like it. I also feel that the nicknames given to you were a good fit.
Good Job!

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