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Reflecting on My Name 2018

Jovana Lopez-Cuevas


These names defining who I am now and who I will become in the future.

Also how people will view me throughout life.

Two of these names given to me by someone who I care for a lot.

Someone who I admire a lot for his hard work and sacrifice to raise me.

Dad, hardworking and caring, always positive and humours.

You will forever be my motivation to continue and follow my dreams.




The name that connects me to my dad and his family from generations back.

Family is my priority.

The connection with my family will forever be meaningful.

Impossible to break.




The name who connects me to my mom and her side of her family.

Mom, someone who has shown unconditional love to me as well as support.

The name that reminds me of my abuelita’s warm hot chocolate

The unforgettable warm hugs she always gave me.


My name is something I will always embrace because it was given to me and I have learned to live up to it, I am proud of where I come from and the names given to me. As I grow older I will continue to remember all the memories that connect me to my family “Jovis” the nickname that reminds me of my joyful childhood full of smiles and sunshine. As well as highschool the memories I’ve made with unforgettable friends and all the unforgettable laughs. In the future these names will be connected to a degree in nursing, it will also be used by many people, with dedication and motivation I hope to live up to these names.

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February 21, 2018 7:24 pm

Dear Jovana,
I feel really honored to read your work, “Reflection on My name”. It filled me with so much happiness because how thoughtful it seemed. Your work reminded me of a poem so for that I saw so much creativity. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “These names defining who I am now and who I will become in the future.”. I think this is a brilliant sentence. I felt that this stood out because how much truthfulness it shows. It’s very true that the name will make up who you are based on whether you choose to go by that name. Also names are so important in others eyes I feel like names can affect the future as well. Another sentence I saw that stood out to me was, “You will forever be my motivation to continue and follow my dreams.”. This stood out to me because it can relate to me as well. My parents are my motivation to the future so it was nice to see that in your life as well. Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your work shows creativity and has a really nice feeling towards it. I hope to see some more poems or general writing, it’d be very nice. Please reply if you’d like :).

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