Ocean Pollution Sucks

Upstander. A word. A word with meaning. A big meaning at that. My latest project was pretty ambitious it being that it would hopefully have physical products for it. Our project was having a subject that is considered “needing fixing”. Mine was about ocean pollution and what me and my group did in the end of of was a trifold that could be viewed upon by others while present it and explain our plan to lower plastic going into the ocean in our school.

This opened my 3rd eye about being an upstander and how it doesn’t just represent clacking on a keyboard but getting off your fat ass and interacting with other people face to face to show that you truly care for your fight.

Me, myself, I learned that being an upstander takes effort. If you do try hard and show your work off to everyone, it shows that you really care for your stand in a topic and that working day and night for it is a small price to pay for it.

As an upstander however, I learned that working as one is for the most part difficult because of how the upstander work is sort’ve repetitive (especially the first parts). But that’s how the world works so whatever it’s fine.

For the next steps of our project, me and my group would like to make our very own school water bottles made of aluminum so plastic doesn’t get obliterated into the ocean. Even our principles are intrigued by the idea so it can definitely, possibly, maybe happen.  

And finally, my wise, sensei advise is that you should just not give up. But also to have fun with your upstander work and to actually think of it as interesting or else it will suck. Just like ocean pollution. No seriously, don’t do it. It’s unepic to do so.  

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