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After watching the video “Ocean Today Trash Day”, I learned that the ocean is very full of trash as we have not recycled the plastic we use.  This problem has been going for a long time, but it’s only getting worse.  Its most found plastics include straws, plastic bottles, bottle caps, and food wrappers.  This is very dangerous towards the ocean animals, as many are harmed.  Many of them get stuck around these plastics making it impossible to swim, eat, or overall move. 

I think what is happening in our oceans is a huge problem as this has caused many habitats to be destroyed. The plastic has overflowed in great amounts over vegetation in the water.  The trash has made life difficult for fish, turtles, seals, dolphins, etc.  It is hard to imagine how much worse it can get if we don’t use the four R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Following these three R’s will allow for way less trash in the ocean. An example could be buying in bulk rather than in individually wrapped foods or drinks.  

What are ways you could start reducing, reusing your trash?



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  1. Natalia 2 months ago

    Hi Zhelenea,
    Thank you for writing this; more people need to think about how our actions are affecting the earth. One way I reduce is by not buying plastic water bottles. My daughters and I use reusable bottles instead. One way I reuse is by saving the takeout containers we get from restaurants. Later, when I want to give someone food, I use those containers and I don’t expect to get them back. I try to recycle everything that is accepted. Recently, I started rinsing out my yogurt containers because I understand we are not supposed to place dirty items in the recycling bin.

    What do you do? How can we get more people to reduce, reuse, and recycle?

    Ms. N.

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