Once there was a big, beautiful house that was red and blue. It had a big pool, three floors, and an elevator to use instead of going up the stairs. The house was named Red and Blue.

Ashley and her family went to the house to live there. They explored the house, going to see the rooms until they saw the elevator. The first floor was the living room, the second floor had the kitchen, and the third floor had the bedroom for them to sleep.

They went to the backyard to see the beautiful sky and the beautiful pool. There was also a playground in which the kids could play. In preparation for the big move, they got all their stuff to live in the Red and Blue house.

When they moved into the house a few years ago, they heard some noise. They went to investigate, but there was nothing. After a few moments, they heard the sound again. So, they called the ghost patrol to check if there was a ghost in the house.

They lit candles in the living room to see if the ghost would answer, and one of the candles lit off. Everyone was scared, but they started asking questions to the ghost. They asked, “Ghost, did you come here to haunt us?” The ghost patrol said that if they said no, the candle would not go off. If they said yes, the candle would light off, and it did.

The family was panicking because the ghost said “yes.” The ghost was making too much noise, so they went back to the old house until they could figure out how the ghost got out of the house. The girl said the new house was scary, like a haunted house.

The house was talking to me in a creepy way. When we were living there, I heard a sound behind me. I felt something like a presence on my shoulder when I tried to turn around slowly. There was no one there. My parents and I were scared to turn around again, so we continued walking to the old house or to my aunt’s house. When they went home, I saw some cookies. The cookies said, “Come to me so I can get the nerves out of you and your family.”

The next morning, the police came to the neighbor’s house. Something had happened and there was blood on the floor and in the grass. The parents were scared and the little girl was terrified. “Oh no, what happened?” she asked.

They were parking close to the airport to get to a different location and country where they could live. “Mom, Dad, where are we going?” the little girl asked.

“We are going to Mexico,” the parents replied. “We can visit your family,” the little girl said excitedly.

The mom said she felt like someone was following them. They looked around to see who it was, but there was nobody there. They felt something touching them again. They thought the ghost had been following them to the airport.

They went to the plane to visit the parents’ family in Mexico. When they arrived, they saw a man who kept watching them in a creepy way. “Mom, I’m so scared. Can we go please?” Ashley said. The mom replied, “Okay, we can go.”

They went to the apartment to live in. It was strange when they tried to visit someone, the man was outside the door, so they couldn’t leave the apartment. They called the police to tell the man to leave them alone. When the police came, the man left. The dad said to the police, “We need two officers waiting in front of the door every day and some officers in front of the building.” After that, the man never came back.

The next day, they went to visit their family and then to the pool to have fun. While they were enjoying themselves, they noticed the same man staring at them again. They told the police, who approached the man and asked if he had a problem. The man replied, “No, I’m just looking at them.” The police said, “Okay.”

The next day, when they woke up, they noticed that some of their expensive items, such as jewelry and their mother’s makeup, were missing from the apartment. They panicked and called the police. As they searched the apartment for clues, they found a bloody mask on the floor. They put on gloves and put the mask in a plastic bag. Then, they rushed to the police station and told the officers what had happened.

The next day, Ashley asked, “What’s wrong with your mood today? Did the police find out who it was?”

“No,” the parents replied. “The cops didn’t call us yet. Maybe they will later.”

Ashley said, “Fine.”

One minute later, the phone rang. It was the police. They said, “We found the person masked. It’s Arturo.”

Mom said, “Arturo? He’s my ex-boyfriend. He said he would find me and kill me.”

The police asked, “Do you know where he lives?”

She replied, “No, he keeps moving to different locations to find me.”

The police said, “Okay, we’ll try to find him. Don’t be scared. It’s okay.”

Dad said, “Close the doors.” Click, clack, the door screamed shut.

Mr. David and his group were looking for Arturo. They wanted to make sure he couldn’t do anything to the people he talks to, like the people he likes in his life. They didn’t want anyone to be in danger, so they had to try to find him before he could escape. “Let’s go find him,” they said.

They followed the tracker they had put in his clothes. It led them to the place Arturo had gone. He had gone to his house, and the minute the cops arrived, he was trying to run away. But the cops were all around him, and he couldn’t fight them off. He was handcuffed and taken to jail.

The next day, Ashley and her family were happy. They went to Disney to have fun, going on many rides and getting ice cream. Ashley said, “I love you ❤” and her parents replied, “We love you too ❤.”


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