To prove that there is a battle of belief/misinformation among the Affordable Care Act, I conducted a survey. The target of this survey was to identify the lack of knowledge that is present when it comes to Obamacare. It was no surprise that the majority of individuals surveyed were unable to formulate the ‘correct’ response. Sixty-nine individuals were tested, thirty-two males and thirty-seven females, and asked to answer fifteen questions. These questions regarded age, gender, political standpoint, and true or false questions associated with common beliefs about The Affordable Care Act.

When a group of sixty-nine individuals was asked to mark true or false on the statement, “The Affordable Care Act is a socialized healthcare plan.”, thirty-eight people marked true. Meaning that 55.1% of the people that took the survey were falsely informed. The survey proved that individuals believe the United States healthcare system is similar to that of Canada. While the Affordable Care Act has expanded health insurance, the majority of this has occurred under the private insurance market. Whereas in Canada the government is required to pay for medical bills, ultimately making it a public sector. In order to truly be considered socialized healthcare, the United States would have to have a formal mandate for each individual. While Obamacare did have a mandate, there were far too many exceptions to allow the Affordable Care Act to fall under the category of socialized healthcare. While Obamacare did have a mandate, there were far too many exceptions to allow the Affordable Care Act to fall under the category of socialized healthcare.

There are other factors and misconceptions that are tied to the Affordable Care Act. The illusion that Obamacare is detrimental to our wallets, our government, and our personal relationships is a testament to our nation’s political divide. Survey results proved that individuals of the opposite political party had a tendency of falsely answering statements. Thirty-two out of the sixty-nine individuals identified as Moderate/ Conservative. Of these thirty-two individuals, thirty-one marked at least one statement incorrect. Again proving that political standpoints have an effect on what is believed of certain policies. In conclusion, under this cycle of division, people grow stubborn in their beliefs and are susceptible to misinformation.
It is important to remain educated, especially when it comes to politics. To understand the truth before formulating an opinion is crucial to the avoidance of rumors and false information.

To summarize, The Affordable Care Act has ultimately served as a system of inclusion and a program that assures the betterment of American Society. As defined by the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, healthcare is a human right. “The human right to health guarantees a system of health protection for all. Everyone has the right to the health care they need, and to living conditions that enable us to be healthy, such as adequate food, housing, and a healthy environment. Health care must be provided as a public good for all, financed publicly and equitably.” Ultimately, The Affordable Care Act provides these necessities and more for the American people. In order to live in a society that is willing to protect our human rights and make health care a priority, it is important Obamacare remains. Conclusively, there is evidence that the rules and benefits imposed by The Affordable Care Act have allowed healthcare to be more attainable for the American people; thus improving the overall well being and quality of life in The United States of America.




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