I intend to address the situation of the length of recess in elementary schools. This is an interesting topic because not many people think about the length of recess at elementary schools and how many schools are shorting the time on recess causing harmful effects on the kids. What is significant is that these kids could have long term harm from no recess (no fun, no exercise, no social interactions without teachers around) and not many people know that this can happen to their own kids.

     I can add my own perspective to the subject of a high school student taking on the topic, not a teacher or an adult, plus I want to be an elementary school teacher so it’s good that I can fight this even more when I get older. By also exploring views from teachers, students, elementary kids, and parents I will get a wide range of opinions and ideas.  I will read many articles on recess time to really find out all the possible perspectives on the subject so I can address them all and also add my own personal perspective with who I agree with. I can see who thinks recess should be short, and why. I can also see who thinks recess should be a little bit longer, and their reasons why. I plan to add a perspective that no one has read about before, I will have stories from my past and I will also interview elementary school teachers to really see how they feel about it too. I am very excited to see everyone’s perspectives and I can’t wait to do an in depth research to get down to the fine details on the topic of how long recess should really be.   

     My research is going to have a range of opinions and views that I am ecstatic to research. Some questions I have been thinking about are: Will different ages have different perspectives on the length of recess? How many people have really researched this topic? Will I find enough information to write a very long paper? Are people in the world fighting to lengthen the time of recess? I cannot wait to research and answer all these questions and more.

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