My favorite word is ‘reasonable’. For starters, the word is applicable in nearly all situations, and it is what everyone should expect from one another. Let’s say, for example, you sit down and accidentally spill some water on the floor. You might take offense if somebody started belligerently screaming at you for spilling the water, and you would be right in taking offense as it is an unreasonable response. What the word represents easily changes from situation to situation; it is one of the most fluid words in the English dictionary. What is reasonable in one situation, may not be as reasonable in the next.

Beyond the fact that the word rolls brilliantly off of the tongue, I always try to incorporate the word into my everyday life. It is one of the best words to bring into an argument because it is truly difficult to not know what is reasonable. It is easy to argue back when one talks in extremes, but when someone approaches an argument with rational expectations and a reasonable demeanor, it is extremely easy to compromise. In my opinion, it’s unreasonable to never find a compromise.

Whenever I make a big decision, I make sure to ponder the reasonability of my actions. “Would a reasonable person do this?” is the question I find myself most often asking. Through constantly answering this question honestly, and fixing my actions accordingly, I am proud to say that I have become a much more reasonable person. It is through simple words, like reasonable, that we not only affect change in our daily lives, but on a worldwide scale.

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