When I first started this research project I had no idea  what I wanted to write about, I had many different topics that I wanted to talk about and get others to know about. A topic that I decided that sit well with me was reality television. I have always been a fan of reality tv and it is something that I would enjoy learning more about and how it can have a physiological effect on people.

In my steps to finding my research, I looked for articles that went along with reality tv that had to deal with psychological effects, then I went to how reality tv can affect young women, and I also looked for articles that are about marketing. Every article that I read had something that I didn’t know about and it was interesting to read everything that I read. From how the brain reacts, to the  reason why reality tv appeals to, how much money is brought, how the connections are made, to how the reality world can change a person and so on. I never thought I would learn so much over reality tv.

While I am still searching the many articles and deciding which ones were the best for my topics, I can later  categorized them as what is similar. The marketing articles all go together, the articles about the brain and how it appeals to our brains go together, how young women are affected with what they watch, and the truth behind the reality world that could either end you or make you. Once I am done categorizing them, I will go further in, into those topics and find more facts and information on everything and possibly learn some more information.

When I am done finding all my articles and putting them all together I want to be able to find the most valuable and important pieces of the articles that will catch attention and that will make people want to know more about and read more. I think that once I find all the important things from the articles I can start my essay and start putting the pieces together.

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December 6, 2016 12:14 am

I also agree that this article was really interesting! I liked that you had research backing up your information! I also liked how you connected this piece with how it effects us in our everyday lives. I’d love to see this research/ topic expand and become a complete piece of writing! I think your choice in this topic was a good one.

December 5, 2016 5:40 pm

Dear Daniela,
I like reality T.V. shows but I feel that it can have a bad affect on girls, young girls mainly. For example most people on reality shows are very pretty, wear lots of makeup, and have a glamorous life. This I think, is putting girls down and making them want to look a certain way in order to become “somebody”. Most people don’t even realize that when they’re watching a reality show that they’re young daughters are watching it with them. This may result in girls feeling bad about themselves in the future. People preach about girls loving themselves and not caring about what they look like or what anyone says about them when in reality shows its all they talk about.

December 5, 2016 4:20 pm

This is a very interesting topic! As a fan of reality tv myself I have found that it does affect me and influences our culture whether we realize it or not. Reality tv plays a big role in influencing our young teens and how they grow up. It would be really interesting if you researched if there are any physiological effects on our brains.

December 5, 2016 1:55 am

Huh, there are a lot of aspects when it comes to reality TV, like its not very real. Also, it would be interesting to discover what effects reality TV has on culture. That would be a great piece of writing then.

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