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In the article “How to Fact-Check the Internet” (Upfront), I learned that many things on the internet that seem to be real can be lies or hoaxes. Rumors and lies on the internet have been going on for years and it seems to be that they are continuing. The problem with this is that many people are lead into the idea that what they see is real, and what is even worse is that as time is going on, we are beginning to enter a time where even children are getting a hold of phones for more than 4 hours and this can affect them mentally as they grow older. An example of a hoax being told to millions on the internet was a video of an orangutan supposedly washing their hands as a result to the coronavirus, but in reality, the video was taken months before the virus was even identified and introduced. Because of this, many people started posting and copying the orangutan to fix the situation of the virus without knowing that it was all false. To make sure this doesn’t happen and to make sure that what you are seeing is valid and 100% real, you will want to examine, check the handle, spot errors, look for a link and go to a source. That is the most beneficial way to not get tricked into believing and making other believe of something that is completely false.

I personally think that what is going on with this is just useless. Like why lie about things like this when you know that it is not what is happening. It is horrible to see that many people are being influenced by what is not real and it sucks to see that children could be growing up with false information in their heads. People should be more aware of what they are seeing on the internet because social media is full with a whole lot of lies.

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