Ray Miller (community member of Black Wall st.) by Raiyyan

February 28, 2022


Ray Miller (community member of Black Wall st.)

Feb 16, 2022

Ray Miller 

211 greenwood 

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74210 

Dear Brad Girson, 

I’m writing this letter to you about the massacre that happened on black wall street. I am representing the voice of Ray Miller.  

My name is Ray Miller. I was a community member in Greenwood. My time there was good until the incident happened where dick Rowland was accused of assaulting a white woman. I thought the whole situation was unfair because they never questioned him and they didn’t get to hear his side of the story. Even though it didn’t happen to me I felt very hurt by this because of how they treat us black people. The whole black community was in danger after the news got around to everyone. Riots started happening and it would get more and more violent to the point where they were burning buildings, homes, and shops down. When this was happening i was very scared and i felt very scared while all this was happening i lost a lot of things they kept me going through life. When i saw fires starting to create i went to the back of an old store no one was going behind there to burn it up or destroy it. I heard people behind the building and I started to get scared because I didn’t know if they were white or blackand if they were white I could have gotten killed.   


Ray Miller