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In the article, “Texas Abortion Law Harms Survivors of Rape and Incest, Activists Say” (KUT 2021) I learned that about 3 million women in the United States end up pregnant from their rapists. This is sick and cruel that rape victims are denied an abortion when they had no choice in being pregnant. Victims aren’t getting the chance to recover from the situation and instead are being forced to live with the situation. The law in Texas allows abortion up until 6 weeks but most rape victims don’t find out they’re pregnant till way longer after that, due to the derealization they had after being raped. Rape victims grow numb to their body changing so by the time they realize they’re pregnant it’s too late and abortion isn’t an option anymore.

I think denying rape victims the right to an abortion is sad, they had no choice in becoming pregnant. Their reason for an abortion is way more reasonable than the mothers who knew and were in control of their actions. Rape victims are affected physically, mentally, and financially and are making their recovery from assault way harder. 

As I continue to learn about abortion, I want to know more about why people are with mothers who get an abortion just because they don’t want a baby. 

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December 1, 2023 7:45 pm

Dear Naralee,
Your post made me consider the fact that although abortion can be touchy it is important to consider the women who are involved as well as their bodies. This is very important because rape victims who endure trauma from the experiences are rarely compensated for the trauma they endure, but the fact that many may have to go through the fight to fight for an abortion well-experiencing emotions of sorts because of such events must worsen the coping process.
Thank you for broadening my mindset on the topic of abortion I will consider this when the topic ever comes up.

Mia, Vega

November 27, 2023 8:15 pm

Dear Naralee,
Your post made me think about all the women that get pregnant due to rape. It also made me think about how they feel. Something I wonder is why in some places they are forced to keep a baby and not abort.

Sincerely, Michell

November 27, 2023 5:11 pm

DEAR NARALEE, Your post made me think about how cruel it is to make these people live through this horrible trauma. I think there should be exceptions for when abortion is available as in this case, it wasn’t their choice to get pregnant. Something I wonder is if rape victims would receive hate for getting exceptions for when they can receive abortions from those who had sex and no longer want the child.

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