Raised in the City of Sana’a by Abdulrahman A

December 6, 2021


Raised in the City of Sana’a

Haddah neighborhood in Sana’a

My name is Abdul. I was born and raised in Yemen in the city of Sana’a. I lived in a neighborhood called Haddah. in a three-story house, the people there are so kind. I love my city because it’s beautiful. My family also lives in Sanaa and grew up in the city. What a wonderful atmosphere and simplicity of its people.

I am talking about Yemen.  Through its ancient civilization that lasted ten thousand years, we are the origin of the Arabs.  Every country in the Middle East is originally from Yemen.  The Arabic language emerged from the civilizations of Sheba, Yemen. Yemen is a country of goodness and a country of civilizations.  Yemen is also known for coffee that we trade with other countries. I also like the beautiful temperate atmosphere in the four seasons.

My grandfather and I used to go out because it’s fun, especially to go out shopping because it’s fun to go out with him.  I used to go out in the afternoons, most of the time, and my friends and I would play, or my uncle and I would go out to eat and go for a car ride.  I also go to pray on Friday and the rest of the days I spend my time with my family and take care of my family. I drive the car and take my family out to the park to enjoy and have fun.