Is Mark Twain Racist?

I don’t think Mark Twain is racist. He is just using the words that people used back then. He does not want to change the words that they used to make them sound not racist. Throughout the book he used the N-word a lot . Like in this quote “Niers would come miles to hear Jim talk about it, and he was more looked up to than any nier in that country.” (Twain 5). He did not want to sub in another word for the N-word so he used the N-word. Mark Twain wants people to know how bad it was for the black people back then. Also he wants people to understand the history of the N-word. Twain wants people to understand how bad the N-word is and what it is used for. The N-word came from a description of black people. It would just let someone know that the person was black or dark skin. It was used first in the 1600s in England and in Ireland. Once nier was used in America in 1800s it was started to be used as a racial slur. Then it became more and more offensive to say that to black people. Even it was racist to use Nier referring to a black person. The more and more I think about it Mark Twain was not racist. He just wanted to make sure the people understood what the history of the word was. I really like how he put it in his writing to make people know what it was like for black people. I really hope people understand why Twain put ni**er in his writing some much. I hope people reading the book does not think he is a racist. He is just trying to let people know what the word really means.

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May 21, 2017 9:52 pm

Hi Jordan, I agree that Mark Twain was not racist he was just trying to give context to the time and how african americans were addressed. Twain allowed his readers be exposed to the real reality of how African Americans were treated. I think that it is better to show the audience the truth instead of just hiding the real facts. Do you think it was important for Twain to include the word in order for the audience to get the true experience for what was occurring during this time.?

May 16, 2017 10:37 pm

Jordan, I definitely agree on this statement that Mark Twain was not racist. All the points you have addressed I think are true and I have the same thinking behind it all. Mark Twain was not a fan of slavery so that further proves your point that he isn’t racist. 🙂

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