June 27, 2016

Dear Future President,

I would like to congratulate you on winning the election. As a citizen of this great country, I have a major issue that I would like you to address and fix.

Racial profiling is a huge issue because degrading people based on their appearance is not acceptable. As an independent and diverse nation, we should not be making assumptions on people based on their race, but rather be focusing on their actions. As we have learned in school, we should not judge a book by it’s cover, but actually read and understand the book before we make our own conclusions. So why isn’t that saying as applicable in the real world as it is at school? Even though 71 Americans were killed by terrorist attacks, 301,797 have been killed by gun violence that were 95% of the time committed by Non-Muslims. However Muslims are frequently being stopped on highways, airports, and placed on no- fly lists because of their religion.

Social Media plays a huge role in racial profiling. In the news, every time a crime is committed by a Muslim, they are automatically labeled as a terrorist. On the other hand when a white man commits a felony, he isn’t labeled as anything. Because of this, not many know that Islam is the religion of peace not pain.

A Muslim man, who has just come from praying Friday prayer, was still wearing his cultural clothes out in public and minding his own business when a man came up to him and told him not to drop a bomb on him. The occurrence of this event made me extremely angry because the man didn’t even know anything about the Muslim man and automatically assumed that he was a terrorist just based on his appearance. Every time I go out in public wearing a hijab, so many people stare, point, and make feel smaller on the inside. I just don’t think it is fair for me or others Muslims, nonetheless any race, to be judged right away that we am going to harm others based on appearances. I am a normal human being who wants to worship her religion without being called a terrorist. Being called a terrorist when you haven’t done anything to harm others is an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

My grandfather is a very religious man. Everytime he goes through airport security, he is pulled aside. Why you may ask? He dresses in all white cultural attire. My grandfather has asthma so every time they make him go aside to a different room, he is already tired and breathing heavily. He and other Muslims are profiled daily in airports all based on appearances. So I ask again, why are we taught in school not to judge people based on their looks, when that happens  everywhere we go?

Racial profiling is a huge issue and I believe that we has a nation can prevent it.




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