People are been treated like animals and not been giving rights because of their race. My book shows how Jews are  being killed just because they don’t have enough power to defend themselves. The Jews are being enslaved but there’s an old man that gets lucky and doesn’t get treated too badly because someone is using him for his own benefits.

The first part of MAUS II by Art Spiegleman might leave a reader feeling surprised because everything was going bad for the characters but there was a turning point and everything was good; he got lucky. An example of this is on page 34.  “Hah! Not quite but I’ve been lucky ” This shows how the main character gets lucky and gets help from the enemy because of his advantage. His main advantage is that he can speak two different languages.  

So far, the character is a Jewish man that is going through racial profiling and they have him in a jail with other Jews that are being killed and put to work. Maus ll might remind a reader, how bad Jews had it back in the war and how they were brutally killed and treated  in the movie. In ‘’The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. The book reminds me of the movie because is the same thing happened in the movie. In the movie is about jew getting killed because of Hitler; he didn’t treat them like humans.

After this part of the book, most readers probably will keep reading be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because the reader is going to want to know how everything is over. The book is going to keep explaining what the main character went through. What’s probably going to happen next is the main character is going to explain what else he also went through and how he managed to survive.

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