Puzzle by Marlen

July 19, 2022



Stacy Sophie 

  1. Background: Stacy is a Spanish descendent, sweet and sometimes energetic six years old girl, who passed to second grade. Stacy is the older child of three. Shelsy, a four-year-old, and Noah, who is the house newborn, are her siblings. Stacy has been raised by a single mother. However, her mother moves in with her third boyfriend, who is Stacy’s second stepfather. From time to time, her grandmother picks her up after school since his mother is taking care of her younger siblings. Stacy loved to see ‘mama.’ Stacy’s family reported how challenging it is to manage Stacy’s behavior at home. She always fights Shelsy.
  2. Physical Presence and Gesture: Stacy’s physical presence is characterized by vivid facial gestures, but not many verbal expressions. She doesn’t have a hard time staying still, often she fallow sleep when sitting at her desk. She is always quiet and shame. In class, she participates exclusively when the teacher asks her to do so. Stacy tends to turn her glace down when she speaks. However, she focuses pretty well on an assigned task. She is never impatient or anxious about anything.
  3. Relationships with Children and Adults: Stacy’s relationship with children and adults in the classroom can be described as cordial. She enjoys talking with classmates and playing games during recess. Stacy is well-liked in the class by his peers, mostly due to his caring disposition and sweetness. When she gets along with his peers, she consistently speaks with them in class. The teacher always reminds her to turn and talk with his partner only when instructed. Stacy likes to ask questions and engage in conversations with adults. She particularly likes having one-on-one interactions with the adults in his class.
  4. Activities and Interests: Stacy likes participating in group activities. She loves the idea of collaborating with his peers while taking the lead role. She is not interested in any activity that she must complete independently. She has a fascination for dolls, particularly LOL; it often serves as an extrinsic motivation for her to complete an assigned task. She loves puzzles. When given a choice to choose an activity to keep her engaged, puzzles are always her best option.
  5. Formal Learning: Stacy is always enthusiastic during math lessons; this is the same for other subject areas, such as ELA/ writing and art. Her intuitive nature comes to play during math instructional activities; she is always eager to provide solutions to math problems and often frustrated if she did not get the correct answer to a question. Transitioning is a bite of an issue, especially when the transition is from a preferred activity to an un-preferred one. Stacy is a visual learner; she gravitates more toward tangible activities. According to her, she loves coming to school.