It is known at this point that my team and I have been working on our end of year project that helps spread any type of awareness to the public about our chose topics. Our topics are based off of what we have been researching and blogging about thus far.

My topic was on puppy mills and the types of danger they present. I chose this topic because I know people personally who have adopted from a local shelter and bought from a puppy mill. It just kind of horrifies me to see animals that are oppressed in such conditions that often leads to death. The conditions are horrible and would not satisfy the needs of mere humans so why should dogs and other animals have to suffer as well. This topic just spoke to me and it made me realize I want to get the word out there so people will be a little more educated on this subject and be able to identify similar problems in the future.

In my presentation I explain what puppy mills are as a general definition and what laws there are to prevent these. There are laws that protect animals but not a lot that talk about puppy mills. Most puppy mills are regulated by local authorities but nothing that can help save the animals entirely. I also provide an example that defaces puppy mills to a great extent. This place was found recently and had the most gruesome living conditions and the animals that were found wasn’t even in shape to be sold. These profit makers only care about their income and not about the lives of some animals.

If this interests you, please check out our blog!!
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