The names of the videos I watched are TED’s Secret to Great Presentations and Good & Bad Examples of Oral Presentations


In the first video, Anderson wanted the viewers to understand that public speaking requires enticing the crowd and sparking their curiosity in order to gain their attention. I noted that the way he explains what idea is almost magical and its a fairly unique way of explaining what an idea is. The way Anderson explains the magic on presentations and the secrets about it is just the way he describes on how to present with enigma.

Most of the examples the kid in the second video were conveying, I already knew. The only thing that was new to me was handouts which was a really good idea to incorporate into my presentation. The idea of presenting or speaking in front of an audience makes me excited because I can put myself in the spotlight and I love being in the spotlight. It’s something that makes me feel great and important. When I present, people are listening to me. I get to convey my ideas to everyone who listens. 

When I present, people are listening to me. I get to convey my ideas to everyone who listens. I’ve had so many successful presentations and public speakings. I’ve even sung in various talent shows. It’s one thing to talk to people; it’s another to sing because it’s more critical.

An example of one successful presentation that I’ve done was presenting an idea for an event at Fremont High School. A group of 3 students and myself had to pitch the idea in front of our audience which had to be approved by the same audience. This meant making sure that everything that was going to done, planned and used had to be presented and explained. If something was not accurate or correct then we had to fix the mistake and present again.

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