Public zoos are funded by the government, donations, and revenue from entrance fees, to merchandise, and food. Private zoos usually do not have the same budgets as public zoos. By this I am only comparing the Hogle Zoo, and the Lagoon “zoo.” Other zoos may vary. The Hogle zoo has over 800 animals and Lagoon has around 60. While in a perfect world there wouldn’t be any zoos, bigger zoos are generally better than smaller ones. The animals would receive better funding, care, more space, and more animals. The Hogle zoo’s purpose is to take care of animals and to display them for people.

Having one job takes away any other distractions. Lagoon is an amusement park which has a ton of different rides and can’t focus as much on the animals. Lagoon’s animals live on concrete floors and in small cages they can barely move in. The hogle zoo is much bigger where the animals have more space. A lot of variables affect the well being of an animal. The climate, the geography, the care, the space, the other animals, the diet, and much more.

The hogle zoo has indoor spaces for their animals during the winter. Currently the Hogle Zoo has only two elephants instead of three which is what is required by law. The zoo is currently trying to obtain one. Elephants are social creatures and need others of their kind. Lagoon lacks the right enclosures and care to take care of their animals. They do not have enough of the same animal species to fulfill the gap of depression.

Lagoon does not have the land to properly take care of these animals. Animals deserve the best care and deserve to not be put in confined spaces. Animals have the instinct to run if they get frightened. When an animal feels cornered like in a cage with no where to go they get overwhelmed and unstable. Zoos are preventing animals to feel normal.

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