Description of Prospect Park by Jillian

March 31, 2019


Description of Prospect Park

The brown stone fence that creates a barrier between me and the park. Rusted benches placed strategically along the sidewalk. There’s a performing area for the summer concerts. There’s baseball fields and soccer fields. There’s secret paths that lead to different parts of the park. There’s even a boathouse. Prospect park a beautiful place to go anytime in the year. In the summer children and adults let the dogs off leash for a decent amount of time. Kids running and shouting after each other. Stopping for a refreshing drink. Adults sitting on picnic blankets basking in the summer sun. Then fall comes along kids still go outside and enjoy the crisp air. The leaves turning from green to beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Then winter comes along and rips the leaves away from the trees. Winter’s snow comes and covers the park in a white blanket. Children come during snow days to go sledding or build snowmen or have snowball fights. Parents stand and freeze while their children have fun. Then there’s Spring when the snow melts and rain comes. After the rain the flowers start to grow, trees get their leaves and more people are in the park. While the seasons may change the park doesn’t.