Oh Prospect Park, how I love the early morning walks with my dog,
Letting him loose of his leash so he can run free in your green grass
In the quiet, empty park with no such noise except the birds singing their songs
Under the changing sky as the morning star comes out to shine above us.

As I age, soon I won’t be able to visit you because I’ll be off to college
I’ll be too busy to take evening strolls,
As the sun comes down and it is time for the moon and stars to shine
So I enjoy you as much as I can now.

After all, it is you, where I have made most of my first memories
Where I first learned how to ride a bike
Where I had my first picnic
Where I first went to see a circus

You are a place where I go to relieve my mind
Where I escape such a hectic reality
Where I see my younger self playing and enjoying life’s simplicity
Where stress doesn’t exist

You are where I first saw flowers bloom in time for spring
Where I tried to catch a squirrel to take home as a pet
Where I went to my first Smorgasburg
Where I won’t have easy access to you when I move away

You won’t be there for me to relieve my stress
I won’t have those early morning walks with my dog under the changing sky
I won’t have you to make more memories
When the day comes to leave you behind, I will be leaving a part of myself behind.

But I’m still here
I still have you now
So I’m going to make the most of you as much as I can,
So when I leave, you remember me too.

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May 9, 2019 5:15 pm

I Love the way You are talking about your home in a 3rd person view makes it very mysterious. I agree with everything you are saying about leaving home because im supposed to be headed to college after high school and i feel like I will miss home a whole lot.

May 8, 2019 2:25 pm

Dear Chloe, I really admire your incredible use of imagery. Almost as if the reader and you were at the park at the same time. One of your lines that stand out to me is ” As the sun comes down and it is time for the moon and stars to shine” because I actually tell what part of the day your talking about. I like that you didnt just say it was night but You gave the reader a perfect glimpse of how it looks. Both of our poems discuss that this place is an area where you escape. Especially when you say ” Where stress doesn’t exist”. Instead i rote in my peom about a racist free place. Thanks for Writing!

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