Pros and Cons of Gun Control by Megan

October 24, 2019


Pros and Cons of Gun Control

The article, “Guns and freedom: The American Way” from Youth Voices is discussing the necessity and rights of guns to citizens in our nation. The major claim that the author makes is that citizens take living in American for granted. Additionally, he turns to say that in the first and second amendments, we are granted the right to bear arms; it is the defining quality of being american. He uses the Constitution to argue of the human rights, and that there is no better country than one where you can protect yourself. It is believed by many that bearing arms is an essential aspect of our humanity and rights as a United States citizen, however this right has proven itself ineffective and extremely dangerous to citizens in our country. 

The article, “Transparent Backpacks,”  from Youth Voices talks less about actual gun violence and more about actions people have been forced to take against it. The author explains how events such as school shootings have led to actions taken such as transparent backpacks to ensure students safety. The author claims that if more drastic measures were taken against gun violence and supporting gun control, drastic measures such as this wouldn’t need top be taken. The supporting evidence is that Flordian educators and administrators now need to check backpacks and have full time security officers and a precautionary measure. 

Personally, I believe that gun control laws need to be revised, as citizens safety is at risk. One valid point from the first article that I summarized was the inclusion of the first and second amendments. It is true that the right to bear arms  is in the Constitution, so legally it is the right of all American citizens. However, I agree with the second argument in that clearly gun control laws need to be revised. With the recent school shootings and mass shootings, everyone is at danger from these weapons. Overall, I agree more so with the second article, as the claims and arguments made more closely resemble my personal opinions. Although it is included in the Constitution, the rights to bear arms and gun control laws need to be revised to ensure gun safety to citizens of the United States.