In the article, ¨YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage¨ (Mc Graw Hill), I learned about the strike that the inhabitants were doing, because of their salaries. In this article, he shows how the federal state has a large population where its minimum salary is $ 7.25 dollars, for which many inhabitants are not satisfied with that salary since it has remained that salary since 2009. Our President Joe Biden wants the entire federal state to have a minimum wage of $ 15.00, which could be very beneficial, but at the same time a very bad idea. Since we would have many economic changes, in the entire population, which could even affect other federal states. However, if this were to happen, many states would be greatly benefited since they would have more opportunities to invest a little of their money to start new businesses. The federal state should also take into account that the minimum wage of $ 7.25 dollars should not continue to exist, since civilization has advanced a lot from that year until now, 2021. For so long it must have risen a minimum of $ 3-4 dollars.

Let’s now put on the side of whether the salary rises as many inhabitants want. If this happens it could affect the economy a lot, you may wonder in what way? This can affect the number of unemployed workers too much. It is not really convenient for the population that this comes to dough, since many families depend on a single person who works. Now if that breadwinner were to be unemployed, it would actually be fatal since they would have no way of surviving without any weight, because let us remember that if the salary goes up, the products will also go up. Which is not good for the populations at all. So I think I agree that wages rise but not too much so that it does not alter the economy too much.

Do you think about this event, do you think it would be best to raise wages to a minimum of $ 15.00 dollars?

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