The first step in order to create my project was to learn how to do the HTML and CSS. In order to this, I went on w3schools and learned the codes for things like lists, tables, colors, paragraphs, styles, etc. I also learned CSS through w3schools. This included colors, font-size,font-family etc. Through CSS, you could make a style sheet just for the design instead of spanning it onto the HTML. I didn’t learn the coded just through w3schools but also from tech class.

The second step for the project was to create a plan. I started by deciding how each page should look like and I tried replicating that in my real website, but it didn’t really work out that way. I also created a page which included the information that was going to be on each page. This way it would be easier for me to add the content when I’m making the real webpage. Lastly, I created a schedule that would help me plan my time so that I could spread the work equally based on my plans. However, unexpected events came up and the due date was postponed so I compensated here and there.

project-plan                 information           schedule


The second to last step was to actually write the codes. I used notepad++ and using the coding that I learned, I was able to create 4 pages along with a home page. I was also able to attach the page about my self in the beginning. This page would eventually lead to the home page about BSGE. There were some problems here and there because I realized I wanted the picture in a certain place instead of at the bottom.  used w3schools to help me solve this, by searching up how to change the placement of something. In this scenario, I had to use the “float and margin” in the CSS for the specific paragraph as well as the pictures that needed to be positioned in a certain place.


The final step was to actually upload my work on I used filezilla to do this. This took a while because when I realized I needed to fix a mistake, I had to re upload it because it wouldn’t automatically change in the real website. On my computer, overwriting takes a while. Overall, all of this probably took me about 8-10 hours because it was a long, hard, and tiring process.





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