Pro-life and Pro-choice by Sarah

September 30, 2016


Pro-life and Pro-choice


“Pro-life” and “pro-choice” come down to the question of abortion, whether to ban it or legalize it. There are two arguments and both have their own justifications.


Pro life is when a person believes that abortion should be illegal. If you are pro-life you believe that the government has an obligation to preserve all human life, regardless of intent, viability, or quality of life concerns. If you are pro-life it goes beyond banning abortion. Pro-life prohibits euthanasia, assisted suicide, death penalty, and war along with abortion. This belief is considered to be very conservative because when it comes to personal autonomy it takes away a person’s choice. When pro-life conflicts with government policy such as death penalty, it is liberal.


Pro-choice is the belief that individuals have unlimited autonomy when it comes to their own reproductive systems as long as their choice does not affect others. Pro-choice supports and advocates for celibacy, contraception use, emergency contraception, abortion and childbirth all remain illegal. Pro-choice wants to ensure that when someone makes a choice it will remain legal.


The point of conflict within these two standpoints is the issue of abortion. Prolife argues that all human life is sacred while pro-choice discerns that if a human personhood cannot be proven in pregnancies then the government has the duty to keep abortion legal. Both point of views are protecting rights but in the case of pro-life it is an unborn infant’s life and in the case of pro-choice it is women’s human rights, their moral autonomy, and their choices. It is a huge dispute with the government because it has to do with law and what can and can’t be done.



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