Author: Whitlee

Private Advantage?

I have always been a private school kid, and I’ve always been told that because of it I’ll have a better shot in this life. I’m a Judge kid and because of that I’m supposed to have this greater shot of getting into college. I started to wonder, is that true? Do I really have all that bigger of a shot to get into college just because of the kind of schools I’ve always gone to? This has begun to interest me so much more.
The first thing I came to find started out with the common thought that all private school kids are rich and snobby. (I’m neither, but I can see how some may think that.) Then it shoots to how that isn’t always right. Yay, thanks. It goes into the costs of private schools, amenities, and curriculum. At the very end it does something really short on what I’m looking into. “It has been shown that college acceptance and college graduation rates are higher for private school graduates. But that doesn’t mean that every private school student who applies to college gets accepted. “ It just wasn’t enough. It didn’t brush enough upon what they said they were talking about. It talked about what goes into a private school more than anything.
Another I found goes into the story of 17 year old Jessica Assaf. She had perfect grades, and had always attended private school. She applied to Brown and didn’t get it. It also states that one of the elite private schools graduating class get into elite colleges. It also says “many private schools do have some advantages, such as better student-to-counselor ratios that allow them to put a greater emphasis on the college counseling process.” It also says “college admissions staffs ‘do a fantastic job scouring public schools for poor and middle-class students who distinguish themselves,”’.”There’s two sides to it, but I don’t feel like I’ve learned enough to really make a distinguished call on this. There’s not as many students in private schools as there are in public.