In the article, ” Second Chances ” (Upfront, Joe Budar, April 1, 2019) it talks about how there is a new law called “The First Step Act.” This act eases mandatory minimum sentences, including lowering the mandatory “three strikes” penalty from life in prison to 25 years. It also addresses the disparity between crack and cocaine. This means that many drug offenses could eventually be altered. Rewards for having good behavior in prison is also stated in the act. Then finally, it bans solitary confinement for juveniles and the shackling of pregnant women. This article ends by explaining how the War on Drugs began and how it ended. For instance, The War on Drugs began in 1982 and it was declared by President Ronald Reagan. This was caused by an increase of many U.S. citizens being locked up and given extremely long periods of prison time. This ended by President Reagan signing a law in which it lowered the sentences for drug offense.

I found this interesting because I never understood why people would go to prison for life over selling drugs. This never made sense to me because it’s not like they are going around killing people. Drug dealers aren’t causing any harm to anybody so why should they lose their ability to have a life and get put in prison for life. Now, some might argue that they do cause harm because some of the drugs that are being sold could most definitely cause harm, but my thought on this argument is that the one who is purchase the drugs know what they are buying. The person purchasing the drugs are making their own decision on buy the drugs, nobody is making them, its their choice that they made and they should be aware that their is warning and if you abuse it then that’s your fault and not the dealers. Lets be honest, If someone is looking to buy something like that then they know what it is and what it come with, warnings on the effects, warnings on it be addictive. All in all, I am not suggesting to let anyone sell drugs without being punished but I’m saying that they shouldn’t get life in prison or even 20 years in prison.

Who do you think is responsible for the deaths from drugs, the seller or the buyer/consumer?

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