The topic of my trifold was about prevention on diabetes which was to spread awareness to the communities of Oakland about why learning and getting educated about this topic can make people be aware of being diagnosed with diabetes. Being an upstander means like it is a responsibility to teach teachers, adults, children, students, seniors, and everyone in the U.S to know how Diabetes is caused by obesity and could lead to cancer or death. Being a student means showing a topic which know a bit of prior knowledge and wants to show your loved ones and school members about and being a person is just hearing these random topic that are confusing due to not knowing them and thinking it’s not a big deal, but worried that may be the next victim of the topic like diabetes and knowing and being aware can help you to be a better person with better lifestyle choices. Learning as an upstander meant to learn how to become a better activist and protester and try to figure out the puzzle to find a solution or a key to making a change and maintain that change by using the cycle of liberation or using tactics of social change to have others join the fight to have a better future.  Some next steps to take with is to follow another path to another topic/issue and it would be maybe immigration and spread awareness by learning more and more evidence that can lead to a change in the future. Also, to be more educated by summer reading and summer program like Upward Bound for 3 weeks. Some advice to other upstanders and students who want to make a change in the future and in the next 3 years, be brave, respectful, and don’t ever give up because if giving up means giving up the ones you love, care and the mission to change everything forever and be written and be remembered in history. Show who you really are and show how you are the key to a better future and have equality in the world because we still have hope and without sacrifice, there can no longer be victory. And find a way out of oppression and have freedom and glory of your achievements.

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