To begin, the novel Uglies written by Westerfeld connects to 2017 because we live in a society were being pretty is a advantage that people use to have a easier way in life. In this novel it talks about a girl named Tally who is a 15 year old girl who her whole life has always wanted to be a pretty. The world is divided into categories Pretty Town and Ugly Town, when a character turns 16 they get to go into a clinic where the Specials, the government, skin the person down and they go through many procedures so they can turn so called “Pretty.” Tally will be 16 in a couple of months and she is very excited to finally leave pretty town and go live her new life and she is willing to risk anything to have the surgery. This connects to 2017 because there are people who spend thousands of dollars just so they can fit in with society’s people who many even spend that money they may needed for their rent or to buy their kid food or the money they were going to do to pay for their mother’s medical plan. Our world has now decided that we should always see how we can turn into an ideal person. But what is that ideal type, what is pretty? I think that even though we reach the level of pretty we still may have in our brains that were still ugly or thats some one is more pretty than us and that when we want to do something more and well that a problem that will never end since that’s what we think. In, Conclusion the book Ugly is very relatable to how society judges you by who you are and how you look. Thank You

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February 25, 2017 1:13 am


I really enjoyed your post. Your quick summary and background on the book was beautifully written and allowed me to really understand your argument. My favorite line was “But what is that ideal type, what is pretty? ” This rhetorical question, really made me as the reader think how hard the adjective “pretty” is because of how subjective it is and how much weight it carries anyways in our world. When I read the book, I visualized the characters in my head and now I am thinking more and more about that visualization in terms of what I believed “pretty” and “ugly” meant which is unfair and a product of what society and the media has made me believe.

I look forward to reading your future posts!

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