How will we target poverty throughout the world?

Poverty is a very serious issue across not only the nation but across the entire planet. Many countries are worse off than others and it appears as though little action is being taken to control the increasing poverty levels among people everywhere. More homeless shelters are being built for those in extreme poverty and there are many generous people willing to donate time, money or both to help out those less fortunate than ourselves. However, it is known that many people are fighting the construction of new homeless shelters because they are too close to neighborhoods. This has especially been an issue in Utah with the homeless shelter being built in the Murray area.

One of the biggest concerns for me is why are people so against helping other human beings? A homeless shelter with help gather those sleeping on the streets and bring them to a warm bed with food. It would benefit not only those sleeping in the cold, but those people who are disgusted by seeing displaced people sleeping on the side of the road. Just because they are without a home does not mean they are any ess of a person and should not be treated as anything less.

Poverty can only be solved with the help of all those involved. The outreach international released five steps to fight poverty, the first one being, “The people directly affected by the problems or issues of poverty in the community have to be actively and authentically participating in the efforts to fight poverty.” (Outreach International, 2017) If people actually living in poverty are making an effort to better their lives, people around them will be more willing to contribute. Specific issues must also be addressed, according to Outreach International, “It is more effective when issues and problems are identified by the people.” (Outreach International, 2017). The only way to fight poverty is to conquer issues head on.


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October 2, 2017 4:13 pm

Hey Reagan! I loved your post, and I agree with you that it is so important that we come together to help those less fortunate than us and in poverty. Just a few steps in the right direction can help our nation and state in a big way. We cannot sit back and watch people live in poverty, action needs to be taken as soon as possible! If you want to read more specifically on how Utah’s economy and poverty rate are going, check out this article:

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