I want to take action against poverty in the New York City. I am not originally from New York City, I came here at the age of four with my family from Morocco. I am 14 and I live in Queens, New York. New York is depicted as a very nice place with a lot of skyscrapers and such, however, there’s a side of New York that people don’t really see except for its inhabitants. Every day I see homeless people struggling to survive and get some help or money to get daily needs such as water and food. I want to take action against these injustices and find any way that we can help people struggling in poverty. As a 14 year old student I can not really do much but with support I hoped  to help those out there not really living the lavish life. Poverty has been such a terrible problem everywhere, and I hoped that my project can help spread the word. My project was successful in that it got many views and spread the word. and was even recognized by a blogger with 10,000 followers. He reblogged my work and that post got about 1,000 views.

One of my blog posts got over 60 views and 50 likes. As previously stated the aim was to spread the word and that is exactly what I did. My project was content with the results of my project because my hard work was evident through the word count. My colleague Khan Zaman did 2 more blog posts than me and got 6 views in total while I got 72! This shows that I was successful because I was able to get results that corresponded with the work I put in.

One of my blog posts even got recognized by a blogger with 10,000 followers. He reblogged my post and gave me a shoutout but he didnt include a link. He also followed my blog. The reblog he got over 1,000 views. My blog was clearly a success because my message got over 1000 views. I contacted him yesterday and he responded promising to give a link of my next blog post on his blog. This is a huge success because my objective wast for my blog to get recognition but for my message and my ideas to get heard and they were with the help of this blogger.

After all the successful blog posts I can conclude that I am content with my project.

With my most popular blog post I promoted it verbally and many of my friends viewed and liked it. If I were to go back I would do this with my other blog posts which would increase my view count even more.

Check out my blog at https://wordpress.com/view/povertynyc702223502.wordpress.com

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