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Due to the Coronavirus, eLearning is an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus, and provide academic and health benefits for students. Students benefit from eLearning because they have the opportunity to attend class at any location, whether it be at home, a library, or a dorm room. A report by the World Health Organization found that eLearning is just as effective as learning in the traditional classroom (Erin). Students are not placed at a disadvantage because they are outside of the classroom. Students can thrive when the environment is changed because it allows them to see things differently and gain new perspectives. Electronic learning provides additional tools for students and teachers in order to make learning easier. Teachers “offer videos, audios, text worksheets, and even discussion boards” for their students to refer back to concepts after the lecture or add to the topics discussed (Erin). This provides students with additional information to better understand the material and stress less.

In addition to academic success, eLearning can help improve students physical and mental health. Electronic learning gives students the option to have a more flexible schedule and work at their own pace. Since students have more control over their schedule, they can better manage time and reduce stress (“Benefits of Online Learning”). In addition, when the time to commute from school is taken away, students have an average of one extra hour a day (“Benefits of Online Learning”). Therefore, students can use this time for self care, such as exercising, cooking a meal, taking a nap, or catching up on school work. These simple self-care tasks can help students feel better mentally and feel a sense of satisfaction to complete a task. Students who are typically shy in the classroom can feel more comfortable without being in a crowd. Introverted students are relieved from social pressures and can feel more comfortable to participate in class discussions or ask questions (“Benefits of Online Learning”). Electronic learning helps students feel more in control and at ease when completing school work, which will improve their mental health and overall well-being.

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