This country is facing many things with ongoing debates about things like transsexual rights, poverty and racism which has many people yelling at each other. One topic that I will bring up that has been going on for a long time but has only come up as the media and social have become more wide spread and that is police brutality. You would hear of a black police officer beating a white man but very few times until now we have never heard of a white officer beating up or kill a black person and claim self defense but we now see from videos which have been withheld by the police of white officers using violence against unarmed men of darker skin even when they had surrendered. This is common from when asked 61% of police officers don’t report serious violations by fellow officers, and than 84% have witnessed other officers using unnecessary force to make an arrest and officers who do 67% of the time get the cold shoulder from their fellow officers. All this has added up to when killings happen the news has lumped on them and their secrecy which has made people not trust officers and for the racism that has taken place on the watch of people they thought they could trust.

The problem is that to go thru police training only need a high school degree to start which we can have people who are as young as 18 or 19 which can lead to old preconceptions coming up when they are on duty based on their upbringing which needs to change. studies have shown that officers who went to collage and got a degree have better morals, know when to use force at better times and being older have matured past the preconceptions from their upbringing. The part of it is just the emotional part of it as if you were the mother, father, brother, lover, fiancee, or child of the person who is killed what does that do to them and the family. To have someone call or come to your door to say that you will never see them smile, laugh, kiss or marry them to never get to say goodbye all because a police officer a man of the law killed them.

These changes need to happen and officers must pay for what they have done and the pain and grief that has been afflicted by their actions, Justice must be upheld!honk for justice photo

Photo by Johnny Silvercloud 

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