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In the article “Views on guns and gun violence” (Parker et al. 2017) I learned how gun violence and guns are a very conflicted topic in the U.S . This is a very conflicted topic because there are many points of view on guns and these articles provide information about both parties. One piece of evidence that was, mentioned in the article was how 56% of women say gun violence is a major issue in the u.s while 44% of men say that it’s not. This shows a point of view between men and women and informs the audience that this may vary depending on sex. 

  Another thing that was mentioned was how 35% of Americans say if there are more guns and people are allowed with guns this causes more violence in the u.s, while 33% say it’s not the gun that causes the crime it’s the person behind it. I think this is very important because this is a very controversial topic many people believe that it’s not the guns but the person with the gun. This is argued throughout the u.s and informs the audience how the writers are bias and not picking a side but informing about both parties. 

As I look more into looking more into the point of view of both parties I wonder why some may think that guns should be prohibited in the u.s while others are for it and encourage it. Could this vary between being grown up with firearms present or are they very strong with their given rights?

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November 27, 2023 5:11 pm

Dear Janet,
Your post made me think about how gender can be a leading driver of gun violence since the statistics show the opinions. It also made me think about the way people perceive gun violence with “it’s the people”. I wonder what the stats are on real gun violence but with gender.

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