Access to Higher Education Education Shmedumacation’ — a poem by two high school juniors (who got an A+) Taking On the Challenge of College Completion Alice Goffman: How we're priming some kids for college — and others for prison
Drug Abuse Husband and The Battle Of Addiction Drug Addiction: The Complex Truth Michael Lee: The Addict, a Magician
Equal Distribution of Wealth Poetry Pairing: American  Income The Many Ways to Measure Economic Inequality  Wealth Inequality in America 
Foster Care System Place to Place We Are Abandoning Children in Foster Care She Surrendered
Gender Equality These Three Poems Will Wake Up Your Soul Equal Pay for Equal Play: The Case for the Women’s Soccer Team Heels
Global Warming/ Rising Sea Levels Dear Future Generations: Sorry Science Flights Target Melting Arctic Sea Ice Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye
Gun Access U. of I. Volunteer Finds Unknown Carl Sandburg Poem  To Reduce Suicides, Look at Guns Shots FIred by
Health Care Access Healthcare In U.S., Health Disparities Across Incomes Are Wide-Ranging What is Health Equity?
Homeless Individuals/Families Brittany Barker California Legislators Propose Spending $2 Billion to Build Housing for Homeless Homelessness by Tye Martin
Immigration Aziza- A United States Birth Certificate Speaks to An Immigrant Family More US Schools Accused of Denying Education to Immigrants The Life of an Unaccompanied Minor in L.A.
Incarceration Rates of POC Attica Prison Riot Poem by Muhammad Ali Locating the School-to-Prison Pipeline What Are the Odds You'll Go to Prison?
Lack of Opportunity for POC in Low-Income Neighborhoods The Black Bruins Privileged Places: Race, Opportunity and Uneven Development in Urban America Study: Latino Students Most Segregated in California 
LGBTQ+ Twoey Gray: A Series Of Queer Love Notes For LGBTQ Students, Author Says, Safety Is 'Not Enough' Why LGBTQ Equality is Gender Equality
Mental Illness Sabrina Benaim: Explaining My Depression to My Mother Uncovered California: Community College Students’ Quest For Mental Health Services You're Not Alone
Muslim Discrimination Is it Possible to be a Patriotic and Muslim? by Hamza Siddiqui Muslim family seeks apology after being forced off United flight abcNEWS: Would You Stop Muslim Discrimination?
Police Brutality "Another Unoriginal Poem About Police Brutality" by David James Hudson  New York City Policing Reform, Derailed Bobby Foster: What if Steph Curry Got Shot?
Racial Profiling/Discrimination All Lives Matter: 1800's Edition Philadelphia's Chinatown in Spotlight: Locals Successful Fight Gentrification in Decade Before DNC WWYD: Racial Profiling Hispanics
Renewable Energy  Something About Energy by Abel H. ‘Tesla Solar’ Wants to Be the Apple Store for Electricity How Do Solar Panels Work? by Richard Komp
Student Debt Brian Yu: Reasons Why I Hate Student Loans A Student Loan System Stacked Against the Borrower Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Student Debt 
Syrian Refugees Refugee Slam Meet Some of the Youngest Refugees Fleeing to Europe Syrian Refugees in the United States: One Family's Story 
Women Reproductive Rights If My Vagina was a Gun Today's Supreme Court Ruling Is About Much More Than Keeping Abortion Clinics Open What Women Deserve

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