• What was the topic of your 30-second hook? What were you trying to present about?

Worldwide high school dropout statistic cited from dropout.org, introduces my  Senior Capstone project Mentorship Programs for High School Dropouts.

  • How many times did you have to record yourself to create the final version that you uploaded?

After two attempts I was able to produces a meaningful 30 sec hook to the intro of my Capstone.

  • Watch your final recording at least 3 times. In terms of tone, inflection, volume, pacing, eye contact and body language, what were your oral presentation strengths? What were the oral presentation skills you need to practice more?

I believe that my strengths within this presentation was pacing and eye contact. I believe that I can improve on my articulation skills and making it more interesting.

  • How did it feel to watch yourself on the recording? Has your confidence with oral presentation improved? Why or why not?

My confidence has definitely improved for the fact that I had a stronger focus on the outcome of this video.





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