The topic of my 30 second hook was about my senior exhibition 2017 project which was sexism in employment. I was trying to present a question that would engage my audience by asking them a question they may or may have not known to answer. I also presented one or two potential answers that my audience could start to think about. In order to create a final version of my video recording, I had to record myself four times. I kept making errors when I was stuttering and felt like I wasn’t making any sense as to what I was saying because I was sort of nervous. What I did was take a few deep breaths and practice memorizing what I was going to say.  In terms of tone, I felt like it was a strength because I was audible. According to inflection, I felt like it was a strength because I set a special exaggeration to certain words, for example, when I said “we the people” I made sure to have a more exaggerated inflection in the words we to demonstrate how significant that word is. I also felt that my volume and body language were strong in my presentation because even though I didn’t have an audience, except the person who was recording, I made sure he was able to hear me. My body language was also strong because I was standing up, and was moving my hands around, not to the point where it was a distraction. I need to practice more on pacing myself because I have a tendency to speak very fast, and I want to be at a pace where my audience is able to understand what I am saying, yet also not make them bored by going too slow. Watching myself on the recording made me feel aware of the type of presenter I am because I was able to see myself through a lense where I could see myself make mistakes and eventually fix them to improve my presentation skills. My confidence with oral presentations improved because all the practice I got made me a better presenter, also looking at myself from another perspective made me aware of what I was doing wrong.


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