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What is a Youth Voices profile?

It can be your personal, online…

  • locker (where you can put video, audio, images, GIFs, and text that are important to you)
  • homeroom (where you stay connected with your Youth Voices friends)
  • home base (where you come back to re-focus)
  • home page (all of the work you’ve put on Youth Voices and NowComment will be organized here)
  • bat cave
  • fortress of solitude
  • headquarters (where you can find the resources to answer all of your questions)
  • room of your own
  • command center
  • mission control
  • clean, well-lighted place (where you can explore your own thoughts and writing)
  • place online like a YouTube channel/Instagram page/Facebook feed (for school, of course)

We want you to set up your Youth Voices profile. We’ll show you the basics, and a few tools, and then you’re on your own! We hope you keep track of your experiences and your learning in the updates on your profile (What’ new… ?), and that you comment and reply to your current friends’ updates — and maybe you will find some new friends here on Youth Voices!


Your goal for this playlist is to complete the three activities in the boxes below. As you finish each of these endeavors, your work will be collected in the timeline of your profile. At a later time, we’ll ask you to bookmark the items in your timeline that are most meaningful to you, and we’ll ask you to reflect on and assess your learning using the Habits of Mind.

[1 of 3] Personalize Your Profile

Establish your place online where you can be safe, make connections, collect your work and grow as a reader, writer, and learner.
We invite you to personalize your profile by adding a profile picture and a cover photo, then by writing your first status update. And don’t stop there! Keep adding text, image, video, and GIF updates every day!

How to do this, step-by-step:

  1. Go to https://www.youthvoices.live/
  2. Click on Login/Register (located on the menu at the top, right next to “Home”)
  3. You can log in using the username and password shared by your teacher. 
  4. Change your profile picture (avatar) so that it represents you.
  5. Use a photo of yourself, your favorite singer/artist, a cartoon character, a video game character, your favorite athlete
  6. Change your cover photo (the large picture at the top of your profile).
  7. Use a large photo of someone, something or some place that is important to you. Maybe it’s an activity you enjoy or a place that you love… Click here for one place to find one, or here.
  8. Add a status update by answering the question: What’s new?
  9. You can say: “Today I am feeling _________ because….” Feel free to add pictures, GIFs, quotes, emojis etc. 
  10. You can set your status to private by clicking “only me”

Watch this video for help with steps 4-6

Click to see it on Loom

What we are inviting you to make:

When you finish this activity, you will have three new updates in your profile on Youth Voices, one for each of these:

  • profile photo
  • cover photo
  • first update

Three Examples of Profiles

Three Examples

Click on the red buttons and scroll through each of the profiles to see how these authors chose an avatar and a background image to personalize their profiles. Also see their updates.

Brendaly’s Profile

Selena’s Profile

Drew’s Profile

Habits of Mind you will practice when you do this activity:

[2 of 3] Activate Your Digital Journal

Create a public and private online journal where you can explore thoughts, try out new ways of writing, record events, and express feelings.
We invite you to ignite, inaugurate, establish, and commit to keeping a journal on Youth Voices every day!

How to do this, step-by-step:

  1. Hover over the section of the menu that says “_______’s Profile” and click on the second option, Create a Doc
  2. Title your Doc: My Profile Pictures
  3. SAVE your work (It doesn’t save automatically.)
  4. A Youth Voices Doc gets dated automatically, and a message is added to your timeline when you save it.
  5. If you haven’t created your profile picture, please do this now. 
  6. Explain in 3-5 sentences why you chose this picture for your profile.
  7. I chose this image as my avatar because _______________, and I want people online to see me as… I also feel that/like___________________________, so I wanted my profile picture to look…. 
  8. If you haven’t added a cover image, please do this now
  9. Explain in 3-5 sentences why you chose this picture for your cover photo
  10. I chose this image as my cover photo because… This image is important to me because…
  11. Add a tag at the bottom of your document: journal
  12. Decide who will have access to each of your journal entries. (Keep in mind that teachers can see even your private docs.) If you want a journal doc to be private the settings are like this:

Watch this video for help with how to create a Doc for your Digital Journal

Click to see it on Loom

What we are inviting you to make:

We are asking you to start writing at least one Doc in Youth Voices every day, to keep a public and private journal. (Keep in mind that teachers can see even your private docs.) Anybody who visits your profile will be able to click on the Docs tab and see your journal. Each time you save a doc, an update with the title is posted on your profile’s timeline. At a later time, we will ask you to bookmark the public journal entries that are most meaningful to you and to say why by referring to the Habits of Mind.

Three Examples of Docs (Writer’s Notebooks)

Three Examples

Click on the red buttons and scroll through each of the writer’s notebooks to see how these authors keep public and private journals on Youth Voices.

Brendaly’s Docs

Cristy’s Docs

Cristin’s Docs

More Examples of Docs (Writer’s Notebooks)

Docs on Youth Voices
Informal writing for yourself, like in a writer’s notebook, with some drafts revised or developed collaborativelyYouth write daily journals where they freewrite, capture first impressions, create first drafts, express their thoughts, speculate about important questions, and more. They also invite peers and teachers to respond to their docs, and they revise and proofread their work here.
All Recent Public Docs

Habits of Mind you will practice when you do this activity:

Thinking about your thinking (Metacognition)

[3 of 3] Connect with Comments

Invite deeper, real conversations with writers or producers on Youth Voices by showing them how their work affects you and what it makes you think.
We invite you to look through the Youth Voices site. There are thousands of posts! Find one that interests you. Read it carefully. Add a comment to the post you read. Watch this video to see how.

How to do this, step-by-step:

There are guides for writing a comment linked below.

Think about what you want to say and what effect you want to have on the writer/producer, then choose one of these guides to help you write your comment. You can follow the guide exactly, or you can change it up!  

What we are inviting you to make:

We are asking you to write a comment to another student on Youth Voices, using one of these guides: General DiscussionQuoting a Source in a CommentAgree/Disagree Response.

Don’t make this a one-off! We hope you do this often, coming back to Youth Voices a couple of times a week to connect with other youth around issues that you care about by leaving them thoughtful comments and replies.

Links to your comments are added to the timeline on your profile. At a later time, we’ll ask you to bookmark the comments that are most meaningful to you and to reflect on and assess this work using the Habits of Mind.

Exemplars and Thirty Recent Examples

Exemplary Comments on Edwin’s Bio ELL Post

30 Most Recent Comments on Youth Voices

  1. Dear Bethzy: I am sad after reading your poem, “Talking To The Sun,” because I can understand this. Anyone who…

  2. I enjoy your post, it is short but it is also straightforward. It gets to the point, the injustice that…

  3. Dear Sara, I really enjoyed reading about your feelings during quarantine. I found this poem to be really relatable. A…

  4. Hi My Name is Ashley I agree but the stress came from the pandemic all the remote learning that students…

  5. Hi My Name is Amra I Daniel I have a question Why don’t you like going to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks?

  6. Dear Brendaly: I am moved by your post on The Hate U Give and racial injustice because it so powerfully connected the text to…

  7. .Dear Brendaly: I  like how you are able to compare the story to real life events. I see the connection…

  8. Dear Brendaly: I am intrigued with your post, “Injustice,” because it discusses one of the hardest parts of the book and connects to what…

  9. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “After this part of the book, most readers probably will…

  10. I like how you make the comparison to the real world. If you think about it, there are many stories…

  11. I am a prolific professor from harvard university. These outrages claims anger me. In my personal research I have found…

  12. Covid-19 impacted world-wide. The pre-caution that has to be done on Covid-19 has to be taken serious. Following guidelines will…

  13. I enjoyed your post because during these unfortunate times and killing is unacceptable. I agree that everyone should be treated…

  14. Really? Sometimes it’s important to quit something before you can start something more positive. Have you ever done something like…

Habits of Mind you will practice when you do this activity:

Habits of Mind you will practice when you do all of the activities in this playlist:

Thinking about your thinking (Metacognition)

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